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Are You Confident Your Organization is Secure?

Hackers are constantly scanning the internet, looking for weak access points to your data, systems or people. If you don't want your company to become a victim, you need to be the first to identify these weak spots. The best way to keep your business safe is to continuously monitor your evolving external attack surface and run a proactive vulnerability scan.


The Fully Managed Digital Risk Auditor is an innovative, comprehensive vulnerability assessment tool that deploys hacker-like techniques to gather open-source intelligence from the surface web, deep web and dark web. These risks are analyzed, checked for accuracy, prioritized for severity, and compiled into a centralized view. Ultimately, this means a safer web presence, increased awareness of problem areas, and a more robust security posture.


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*Note that Fully Managed does not use any usernames, passwords or authentication to run the Digital Risk Audit. Your company's scan results are purely based on information gathered from the open internet (public domain).

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